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Green Party Electoral District Association

This is to inform you of the date set for the New Brunswick Southwest AGM on August 18th, 2022 via ZOOM at 7:30 PM AST.  Under the Green Party of Canada By-Laws, we are required to give notice to you 30 days in advance.

All Members in good standing are invited to attend this meeting.  Only Green Party members who live in the riding and qualify under Green Party Bylaw 1.5.1 will be permitted to vote during the AGM.  Below is info on making sure you have updated your membership.

If you wish to renew, update or re-activate your membership with the party you can do so by completing an application with the EDA Executive or via the Federal Party Website at Federal Green Party (GPC) Membership Application and Donation via GPC 

If you wish to make a donation to the riding association our federal link website New Brunswick Southwest or directly to our Financial Agent by sending an e-transfer to Emerald Gibson.

We are seeking members like you to join us people with experience working cooperatively in a team along with Federal Election Experience and your local Electoral District Association (EDA).  If you are able to share your talents and time to serve on the Board of the EDA.  It does not matter where you live in the riding all EDA Board meetings will be held on ZOOM. Please submit your nomination via the email address below and the position you are offering for. by August 15th, 2022, nominations will be excepted from the floor of the AGM.  Any further communication regarding this meeting will be sent only to members residing in the riding.

If you are interested click the link below to nominate yourself.  Nominations will also be excepted from the floor AGM meeting.

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO): organizes regular board and public meetings, and oversees the operation of the EDA.
  2. The Vice-Chair takes the place of the CEO when they are not able to attend meetings or step-downs.
  3. Financial Agent: maintains the books, issues tax receipts, and files the annual financial report. Ensuring the agency is compliant with Elections Canada.  Knowledge of the Act Rules governing the Financial Agent and EFR is beneficial to fill this job.
  4. Members-at-Large: serving as members of the board for the success and the future of the EDA. This role allows people to fill other important roles and duties of the EDA such as Secretary, Website and Social Media.

Burt Folkins

Acting CEO New Brunswick Southwest

 To be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting you must attend the meeting in person and be a New Brunswick Southwest member in good standing at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

To check your membership status, please log into (click on ‘Sign In’ in the footer).

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